The IAAPP Is addressed to all the organizations and business structures that require the creation of an Internal quality system.
Health facilities, doctors, stem cell transplantation programs, fertilization centers are the main recipients of the IAAPP.
The IAAPP allows you to manage ALL aspects of the quality system, In automated mode, thus simplifying the life of the operator.
With the IAAPP the opreator


Vincenzo laconianni, the company's sole administrator, has gained a deep and unique knowledge in the development of organizational systems in the fields of cell and gene therapy, both in hospitals and pharmaceuticals, thanks to his twenty years of experience. That's why we decided to develop IAAPP.NET, the revolutionary electronic


Document Categories Management (FOLDERS)

This area is responsible for managing document categories that will contain documents. The system allows for the creation of different sub-folders and their customization.

Documentation Management (DOCUMENTS)

In this area the quality system documents are inserted. Uploading documents, entering the date of issue, change, and implementation, and inserting the versions of the documents are all possible

Management of non-conformities and complaints (NON CONFORMITIES)

in this area are handled the non-conformities found both internally and externally. After creating the categories, each user can notify the non-compliance with the actions taken.

Management of corrective and preventive actions (CAPA)

Corrective and preventive actions are managed in this module. During their process, the Quality Manager assigns corrective and preventive actions to a specific user who will have to manage them: from the definition, to the implementation, to the verification of effectiveness.

Management of audits (AUDIT)

the system allows with this module, to manage internal audits implemented in order to verify the correct implementation of the quality system. The Quality Manager develops the audit plan and log and assigns the audit execution to a specific user. The user performing the audit( Auditor) records the audit indicating the non-conformities found.


The IAAPP is a quality system management software. Through the IAAPP it is possible to automate the processes necessary for the company quality management and facilitate the task of the Quality Manager.

With the IAAPP at a general level you can:

  • Digitize some processes of the organization
  • Ensuring better quality control
  • Facilitating access to documentation
  • Managing errors and non-conformities
  • Implement corrective and preventive actions
  • Comply with national and international laws and regulatory standards
  • Ensure the effectiveness of the corporate organizational system

General Features


the system is based on the private server of ICMED S.r.l.


allows you to create different types of users


each type of user can be assigned one or more users

Totally customizable:

you can customize the main elements of the system.

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